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The Kibera is a slum area of 2.5 sq. Km in Nairobi, Kenya which is home to 800,000+ people.

Houses are sheds with corrugated iron roofs, roads are tracks strewn with litter, sanitation is non existent and raw sewage spills over the pathways. The stench is overpowering and disease is rife. Some 20% of children die before their fifth birthday and close to 60% of people living in the Kibera have HIV/AIDS. Few have jobs. Lives are short and high in misery, yet many people retain a sense of dignity and a desire to make something of their lives.

Kibera In Need provides a lifeline for children and adults living in the Kibera slum. Through a Guardianship Scheme, children are enabled to have an education, regular vaccinations and hot meals. A Business Support Scheme gives adult residents the chance to setup small businesses and be economically independent.

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